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TMS Therapy – Covered by almost all major insurers and the future for treating Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Bipolar Disorder and More

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Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Pardell has over 15 years of TMS treatment experience and is the President of the Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical TMS. At Clearwave Mental Health, Dr. Pardell and his team will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on diagnosing and treating the specific root cause of your depression.

Depression Remission is Possible with TMS

Don’t let you or a loved one suffer any longer. Hear the stories of Clearwave Mental Health patients who took control of their depression, anxiety, OCD and other conditions with TMS therapy and have seen life changing results.

TMS utilizes magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that are under-performing and under-functioning and wakes up those areas of the brain.

Want to know more about how TMS works? Take a look at our How TMS Works page to learn about the details of TMS therapy at Clearwave Mental Health.

Some Frequently Asked


Does Insurance Cover TMS?

TMS is FDA-cleared as as safe and effective treatment for depression, anxiety, OCD, and many other indications. Nearly all insurance companies are now covering TMS therapy including Medicare, Medicaid Advantage, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MVP, Healthfirst, NYSHIP, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare (Optum), CDPHP, Emblem Health (GHI) . Our team at the Clearwave Mental Health has successfully secured substantial insurance reimbursement and coverage for its patients and many of our patients have had minimal out-of-pocket expense for treatment.

How TMS therapy works?

What is a TMS Treatment Like?

Hear our patients tell their stories

We have been performing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) since December, 2009. We were the first practice to offer TMS in the Hudson Valley, New York. We have performed thousands of treatments over the past years and have the most experience of any TMS clinicians in our region.

What you can expect during your TMS treatment:

During treatment, you will relax in our spa-like chair. Our suite offers a relaxing environment to listen to music, audiobook, watch a movie or your favorite show on TV while undergoing TMS therapy. Your TMS session will be a short outpatient procedure that lasts about 30 minutes. You can also speak with the TMS technician whenever necessary if you have any questions during or after the treatment. One of the benefits of TMS is that after the treatment you can return to your normal routine, including driving.

Your first treatment session:

Our doctors will go through with you the consent form and give you ample time to have your questions asked and fully answered. After the consent is signed, our doctors will determine how to most effectively administer TMS treatments. They will perform a test to identify the treatment strength needed, called a motor threshold. This test identifies the magnetic field strength that will be used in your treatment. This field strength is customized for each patient to deliver the correct treatment dose. To do this our doctors will stimulate the brain on the left side of your head to get your right hand to move. Everyone has their own individual motor threshold. Our team will provide the TMS treatment at a dose just above your motor threshold.

After this initial procedure, our doctors will determine the specific location of where the TMS treatment will be applied and the treatment coil will be moved to that location. Our team will strive for the optimal treatment. This approach has resulted in our strong clinical and safety experience.

During your treatment session our technician will place the magnetic coil gently against the front part of your scalp and then the TMS Therapy System will deliver rapid series of “pulses” of the magnetic field usually in 4 second intervals with 10 pulses delivered per second with a rest interval in between. The pulses will feel like tapping on your scalp. Most patients find the sensation “different” and some find it uncomfortable in the first few treatments. We are experienced in making TMS Therapy comfortable, safe and effective.

After TMS Therapy

Immediately following each treatment session, you may return to your normal daily routine, including driving. During or after treatment you may experience headache or discomfort at the site of stimulation. These side effects are mild to moderate in intensity and lessen as further treatment sessions are administered. You can take a common over the counter pain remedies such as acetaminophen to manage these symptoms.

What Is a Typical Treatment Course Like?

Typically a recommended course of TMS treatment is 36 sessions, occurring initially 5 times per week for the first several weeks and then slowly decreasing the frequency of treatment. Our experienced psychiatrists may adjust your treatment schedule based on their clinical expertise and your treatment response.  At the Clearwave Mental Health, we work to accommodate your schedule to help you achieve optimal results.

Is TMS Therapy Uncomfortable?

No, the most common potential side effect related to treatment is a light headache and scalp discomfort during treatment sessions. These side effects are generally mild to moderate, and occur less frequently after the first week of treatment.

Can I take antidepressants while receiving TMS Therapy?

Yes. In clinical trials, TMS therapy was safely administered with and without other antidepressant medications.

Safe & FDA-Cleared

TMS is FDA-cleared and proven to be effective for treating Major Depressive Disorder. TMS can be the solution you’ve been seeking for the treatment of depression.

Covered by Insurance

Almost all major insurance plans cover TMS therapy with us. Check out our insurance page to see if your insurance provider covers TMS Therapy in New York. 


Find relief from ineffective drugs and debilitating side effects caused by medication. TMS therapy can provide a proven and effective non-drug alternative.

Minimal Side Effects

TMS therapy is performed in our office while you are fully awake and TMS does not impact your ability to perform normal daily activities following each treatment.

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