Patient Stories

Hear from Clearwave TMS patients on their journey with TMS Therapy.

Barbara’s Story

Hear how TMS allowed Barbara to her happiness (and her singing!) again.

Alexandriah’s Story

Hear how TMS helped reduce Alexandriah’s anxiety and help give her the confidence to continue pursuing her career.

Craig’s Story

Hear how TMS allowed Craig to stop his medications and better enjoy time with his family and career.

Leala’s Story

Hear how TMS helped Leala find her creativity and passion again.

Stephanie’s Story

Hear how Clearwave TMS helped Stephanie find herself and better her family relationships.

Jenna’s Story

Hear how TMS treatment at Clearwave Mental Health changed Jenna’s life

Becky’s Story

“TMS saved my marriage!”

Kevin’s Story

The Clearwave TMS Treatment team and TMS therapy helped Kevin find himself

Moira’s Story

Moira was finally able to find herself and her creativity with TMS Therapy at Clearwave

Robert’s Story

“TMS saved my life. I don’t know if I would be here today.”

Sarah’s Story

“I just started singing with the radio, and I thought, wait, I can do that!?”

Jaclyn’s Story

“Something just feels lighter like something has been lifted. I feel more myself” 


Zachaly I

I haven’t been in a medical room, building or any situation of similar equality that made me feel as comfortable and less like a number than I have here so far. From the receptionist to the Dr and everyone inbetween..

John K

The staff made me very comfortable. They explained how TMS works. Any possible side effects. During the session, you could have lumbar support, a fan/ac (I went during summer months). And they offer water.
Everything about this program is life changing! TMS doesn’t hurt at all. I had phenomenal results after suffering with depression and bipolar for many years. I actually had some energy and felt happy in about a week to two weeks.
I highly recommend giving TMS a try if you’re struggling with any mental health issues.

Christina V

I have been so grateful to have been given this opportunity. I honestly went into it thinking this will not work at all, and I will still be the same person I was for half my life, and still have severe suicidal tendencies. However, I have seen a lot of major improvements, I know that there are still things to work on but I am very happy with the results. Every single person who works there has always been so wonderful. Gary never gave up on me and continue to push to get me to be able to start this experience. I firmly believe this, you all have helped to save my life.

Kimberlie T

Had I known before how easy it would be to get started with TMS, I would have reached out a long time ago. Dr. Pardell and the entire staff are, without exception, kind, supportive, efficient, and great-natured. They took care of my insurance concerns, balanced my other medical concerns, and continue to make every visit a pleasure.

Danielle S

I really think the treatment had a positive effect. Was wondering if it was just psychological as I was going somewhere every weekday after work which I just didn’t do on the regular. But it’s been close to a month and I still feel like I’ve improved! I would highly recommend this treatment especially if you haven’t had success with regular antidepressants. Big plus – ever single staff member there is awesome! 

Kathy M

Wonderful facility; caring, knowledgeable staff; Dr. Pardell is top notch!

Renae P

Clearwave Mental Health is a wonderful place to go to for TMS. The clinicians and Dr. Pardell are kind and caring. You can listen to music or watch tv during your procedure. Most of all, the TMS procedure is easy and pain free. TMS itself has helped me reduce my depression levels. It has made me be able to live my life again.

Allyson R

The Clearwave Mental Health team members were great. They all had very positive, warm and caring personalities. Carrie and Dr. Pardell were especially wonderful to work with. I really felt welcome and cared about. Questions were always answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. The treatments were comfortable and the results for me are great. I feel so much more positive and present in my life. I can’t remember a time in the past where I felt this good. I am very grateful.

Susan B

The Clearwave Mental Health Center is wonderful. It really works. My depression has decreased. Now I take less medication. Wonderful experience!

Angela G

Great staff, very welcoming & friendly. Doctor Pardell is super informative & knowledgeable!

Maria Garcia

I have no suggestions just great things to say about the staff and doctor. I actually look forward to seeing all of them!!…..A+++++++

Michael K

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